property.hr: about us

About us

property.hr is a marketplace that connects property professionals with companies looking to hire great talent. Traditional methods of recruiting and job hunting can often be inefficient, we have created a new, innovative platform that allows companies and candidates to connect and never miss out on opportunities.

We anonymise candidate profiles and then match them with career opportunities based on their relevant skills and own unique wish list. Candidates can then decide whether it’s the right fit, and hiring companies are presented with the best candidates that match their unique criteria. Anonymity also helps to prevent any unconscious bias at the top of the hiring funnel, leading to a more diverse team.

Companies using property.hr experience a faster and more efficient approach to sourcing talent, and with our forward-looking talent profiles this leads to better response rates, whilst saving significantly on recruiting fees.


Meet the founder

Alongside recruitment, I have a wealth of experience in Estate Agency, and repossession asset management, in both the corporate and independent environments. I have experienced the trials and tribulations of searching for a job, and sourcing and recruiting talent in the property sector. I wanted to marry my passion and experience and provide a solution to issues myself and others have encountered over the years. Throughout my career, I have worked within various different counties and personally moved about 16 times which has included several relocations, so I’m pretty clued up on that front too!!

When I’m not working I love travelling, spending time with family and friends, attempting to keep fit and reading fashion blogs and home/interior magazines.

I hope you’ll join us and feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn if you haven’t already done so.


Founder of property.hr